Vi – Unix Editor

This tutorial is to teach how to use vi the editor, the common on every Unix-like systems. This software doesn’t have menu, it’s all about commands.

  1. More On Cursor Movement
From Command Mode

    e    Move to end of current word
    $    Move to end of current line
    ^    Move to beginning of current line
    +    Move to beginning of next line
    -    Move to beginning of previous line

    G    Go to last line of the file
    :n   Go to line with this number (:10 goes to line 10)

    <Ctrl>d   Scroll down one-half screen
    <Ctrl>u   Scroll up one-half screen
    <Ctrl>f   Scroll forward one full screen
    <Ctrl>b   Scroll backward one full screen

    )         Move to the next sentence
    (         Move to the previous sentence
    }         Move to the next paragraph
    {         Move to the previous paragraph
    H         Move to the top line of the screen
    M         Move to the middle line of the screen
    L         Move to the last line of the screen

    %         Move to matching bracket:  ( { [ ] } )
2 - Text Mode:
From Command Mode
    i    Insert text before current character
    a    Append text after current character
    I    Begin text insertion at the beginning of a line
    A    Append text at end of a line
    o    Open a new line below current line
    O    Open a new line above current line

3 – Commands & Objects

    Format                         Example
      operator number object          c2w
      number operator object          2cw
      c   change             
      d   delete            
      y   yank            
    Objects and Locations
      w           one word forward 
      b           one word backward
      e           end of word
      H, M, L     top, middle, or bottom line on screen
      ), (        next sentence, previous sentence
      }, {        next paragraph, previous paragraph
      ^, $        beginning of line, end of line
      /pattern/   forward to pattern 

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