Spectrum on Linux

Today i will talk about spectrum development on Red Hat and Fedora 30.

First of all I will teach how to install the software through the repositories.


sudo dnf install z80asm


Next step will be to install the spectrum Unix emulator called fuse-emulator-gtk.


sudo dnf install fuse-emulator


With this way we can now, code basic for spectrum or z80 assembly.

If you have old spectrum computer coding books you can now code it.

create a directory development folder called projects/spectrum

Before this on your home directory:


vi ~/.vimrc

syntax on




mkdir -p ~/projects/spectrum

touch ~/projects/spectrum/hello.asm

vi ~/projects/spectrum/hello.asm

write this code or copy paste it:

;Sample print at program

ORG 32768

LD A,2

CALL 5633

LD DE,string

LD BC,eostring-string

CALL 8252


string: DEFB 22,0,11,”Hello World”

eostring: equ $

For compilation a asm file from z80 spectrum code type this:


z80asm -o hello.bin hello.asm


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