Ekron ERD T.B.A

As the following two years of development, I am proud to be announce the Ekron ERD T.B.A game for Windows 10, MacOS (64 bit) variations, also compatible with Catalina, already tested. I am working with them also for Linux distros. This game will have a download mode and DLC always updated for all these systems.

For mobile, I will have it split up, one for multiplayer game mode with 120 players at the same time in CTF, Deathmatch modes. Other as single player. All tested on my Betas iOS 13, even TVOS. It will be had an android version 7+ and Nintendo Switch game too.

Besides all these, I am proud to announce all the models and mapping more precisely maps drawn in Blender 2.7.x and 2.8.

Thank you. More news to come.

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