Odroid ESP idf Part 2

In this part i will explain how to develop firmware for Odroid Go with an esp32 arduino builtin.

git clone https://github.com/othercrashoverride/odroid-go-firmware.git -b factory
cd odroid-go-firmware/tools/mkfw

sudo apt install ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i 86x48px-Arduino_Logo.png -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 tile.raw
./mkfw test tile.raw 0 16 1048576 app Hello_World.ino.bin
mv firmware.fw Hello_World.fw

Press on B button while is off, then press on while B button is being pressed, then flash with start button the firmware.

Make a data folder in *.bin

mkspiffs -c ./data -b 4096 -p 256 -s 0x100000 spiffs.bin

Two projects in the same *.bin

./mkfw test tile.raw 0 16 1048576 app Weather_Station.ino.bin 1 130 1048576 "spiffs" spiffs.bin
cp firmware.fw Weather_Station.fw

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