I am Pedro Dias Vicente, I am a writer, developer of gaming with c++, openGL, irrlicht. Today i am developing Ekron RPG tabletop game, Ekron RPG for PC, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android with c++ and qt5.

I started to code around my 10 years old. Almost 14 years old of reverse engineering. I use gdb, lllvm, swift, objective-c, c++, qt5 for GUI or Ultimate++. I like to be updated everyday. I code WSGI websites with perl, php-fpm, go. I work with drupal, Worpress, Joomla platforms besides coding with Lucee( CFML). Rid of Adobe licenses.

I went to Web Summit 2016, 2017 and 2019, these tickets were won by contest of 1000 tickets. Based on the work of Github.

I develop applications with AR or VR technology for websites, iOS, Android.

Today, with ebooks at wattpad for free, 7 ebooks for DriveThruRPG, i will release one bundle and to come one more special edition. I have the ebooks and open source projects that i am working for gaming at itch.io