Two Worlds

I am in consolation

I travel through gates

Between Worlds

I resign

It’s a conflict too old

Waving in mud

Talking Hand

Out of sight

Inside self destruct


I am resilient too

Yeah! Yeah!

I am to explode

Over the air

In name of sight

Against enemies

Know your enemy

We are all evil


Don’t surrend

Know your enemies

Self inside

There is too evil inside


No breathe, you are forbidden

Don’t be a coward

We are two Worlds

Two opposite lines

Dig my grave

Down in a cemetery




Calvary came

Ride two horses

In a pale horse war

These two Worlds

Are falling apart

Save them

You must keep alive

In darkness

Through the glim

In decisions of opponents

Casting away


Never let’em conquer you

We are the fear

Come back home

Control your sorrow

Too below

Take Control

Take Control

No more regrets


A sinner

Sorry i have sin

In these worlds

Our souls


Drowning below

Strength too deep



We are folders

With empty trash

To be cleaned


We fall

Take control

Talking Hand

Our fears will take control

Over us all

Down below

Look who came back

We are all sinners


Reasons to be betrayal

Cut the roots

Off too early

Before the sirens rang

For a calling for help

I came here

Alone undead


Flesh and bones


We are two Worlds

Lost in undying moments

She, is the reason to be prayed


I feel overwhelm

Divided and conquered


I am a walking hero

Already dust to be a lost

Serenade back in the future







In opus dei

In opus christi

Dei momentum

In victae dominae

I am a King lost

I am poison mind set

I am ill

I lose my mind

I swear to the Goddess

To travel through the night

Choosing paths or decisions

I went overwhelmed

These wars that i cannot fit on it

I drop them in retaliation

I need my Queen again

I am in emptiness

Goddess heard my prayers and words

SHE, cannot bring to life my queen

Dark places, dark magic Voodoos

Cannot take control

I drowned too below

Guess who is life

I am ill

A breath, i cannot breathe







In opus dei

In opus christi

A momentum in


I am too lost

i am a lose

Lose by overwhelm


Given every second

I died inside


I am lost

GOD, forgive me your Word

I am dying in pain

I need belief again




I clean my wounds

I came from war

I am ill

I am evil

Gimme a call

Now, today i am youth

Tomorrow, i am wounds

Don’t play, all these are the same mistakes

Won’t go away

Everything i felt

I saw

Ride just for you

I am a sinner

I am a liar

I am lonely preacher

I am a Monster

I cannot feel or feel alive

Gimme life

I am not a good fit



We are all mistakes

we are all Monsters

In a sunrise

Gimme a lollipop

Lemme speak

I am alone


Healer, Sinner, Believer

We are all sinners

We are all Monsters

I am a sinner, a liar

Lemme go please

Lemme alone

I went beyond

My life doesn’t mean nothing

Go away i am scared

For the sun becomes again sunrise

I lose my laughter

We are all Monsters

Living in shadows and shallows fulfil of mirrors

Go away, go away

I am dead now.

Thank you I became light in a candlemass


Under these lines

I am lost between sides

I am a Man of a Kingdom

Seeking for flames

I cannot dig or be brave

I am lost in time


Melodies inside my head

A passage to be through

A Man, A no Crown

Standing seated and waiting for protection


I cannot be meant

I died

I swore

A sacrifice

I am lost

My Queen gone and vanished

Today my life has no meaning

Never ending

Tell me how the World survive

I am a seeker

I am a preacher

Let go

I am sinner

I am a looper

These spirits fell

And will fall

On a never ending war

I am me against the World

A Dead Man Walking

I breathe a single thin air

I carry a burden heart

I born in mud

Hidden down in a cemetery

I drank from the cup

A forbidden

I swore to broke home

HIS name is Emmanuel

HIS forbidden cup, deliver me

Again we shall arise

Again we shall arise

I am a Man walking snubbing

On the mud

I saw Colossal Hate

Between persons

We are all fake

With no good


All we are lies

Products of our mind sets

We walk



We shall arise again

An American scream

An American Dream


We born in mud

We born in dirt



Clean your home


Talking hand


We shall walk

We are products

Fake ones

Nobody wants to know

Who am i

Whom i shall be

I am a parasite

Talking hand

We are the sadness


Odroid ESP idf Part 2

In this part i will explain how to develop firmware for Odroid Go with an esp32 arduino builtin.

git clone -b factory
cd odroid-go-firmware/tools/mkfw

sudo apt install ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i 86x48px-Arduino_Logo.png -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 tile.raw
./mkfw test tile.raw 0 16 1048576 app Hello_World.ino.bin
mv firmware.fw Hello_World.fw

Press on B button while is off, then press on while B button is being pressed, then flash with start button the firmware.

Make a data folder in *.bin

mkspiffs -c ./data -b 4096 -p 256 -s 0x100000 spiffs.bin

Two projects in the same *.bin

./mkfw test tile.raw 0 16 1048576 app Weather_Station.ino.bin 1 130 1048576 "spiffs" spiffs.bin
cp firmware.fw Weather_Station.fw

Odroid ESP Idf – Part 1

Hello everyone, today’s I am going to talk about how to setup an Odroid Go with the toolchain ESP IDF.

Also have a gp2x and an zx-uno

What You Need


  • An ESP32 board
  • USB cable – USB A / micro USB B
  • Computer running Windows, Linux, or macOS


  • Toolchain to compile code for ESP32
  • Build tools – CMake and Ninja to build a full Application for ESP32
  • ESP-IDF that essentially contains API (software libraries and source code) for ESP32 and scripts to operate the Toolchain
  • Text editor to write programs (Projects) in C, e.g., Eclipse

Linux & MacOS

cd ~/esp
git clone --recursive 

cd ~/esp/esp-idf
. $HOME/esp/esp-idf/ 

Start a project for esp32

cd ~/esp
cp -r $IDF_PATH/examples/get-started/hello_world .


Serial ports have the following patterns in their names:

  • Windows: names like COM1
  • Linux: starting with /dev/tty
  • macOS: starting with /dev/cu.

Linux & MacOS:

cd ~/esp/hello_world menuconfig

Build: build

In the next parts of the tutorial I will explain how to code c in eclipse or arduino IDE, even the micropython.

Thank you.