Ekron ERD T.B.A

As the following two years of development, I am proud to be announce the Ekron ERD T.B.A game for Windows 10, MacOS (64 bit) variations, also compatible with Catalina, already tested. I am working with them also for Linux distros. This game will have a download mode and DLC always updated for all these systems.…

Spectrum on Linux

Today i will talk about spectrum development on Red Hat and Fedora 30. First of all I will teach how to install the software through the repositories. <code> sudo dnf install z80asm </code> Next step will be to install the spectrum Unix emulator called fuse-emulator-gtk. <code> sudo dnf install fuse-emulator </code> With this way we…

Vi – Unix Editor

This tutorial is to teach how to use vi the editor, the common on every Unix-like systems. This software doesn’t have menu, it’s all about commands. More On Cursor Movement From Command Mode e Move to end of current word $ Move to end of current line ^ Move to beginning of current line +…

C – Bubble Sort

Hello Everyone! One of these days I decided to solve a sort of data with C, using c99. I tried to solve it as a issue for my filesystem implementations. &lt bubble (item,count) char *item; int count; { register int a,b; register char t; for(a=1;a=a;–b){ if(item[b-1]> item[b]){ /* elements to exchange */ t = item[b-1];…

sap Leonardo WebIDE


I was messing around with sap Leonardo, trying to do a web ui application in the last 2 days. Even coding db schemas and flutter through the process.

In the last couple of days with WebIDE i think and I thought to mess with code and software itself. I thought that I can do an app ouside and import it. For that purpose I decided to use a flutter dart and html5 uI, the exact same template.

To learn for me is trying to hack or do a hackathon behind the glance of the beauty.


In the following article I will show how I done it or I tried it to be successful.

I got a weird file. Attached with this article relied on sapui5.

Sega Saturn SDK

In due my case studies with OpenGL, WebGL and Vulkan API. In the last years and moths of study to get an Open System with C++ and try to reboot systems mostly vintage systems such as Sega Saturn and Gameboy Advance. I found a reasonable tool called Jo-Saturn. I was playing around and still do…

OpenKrown App

Welcome to my OpenKrown App for android and iOS. The main ui was built with dart and flutter UI sdk from Google, then I want to keep my code clean through android sdk, kotlin and iOS objc code not swift. The connectivity between the App will have firebase on the top notch php with firebase…