At xda-developers with the following nickname astronfestmon I keep my projects actively.

Mostly for Sony Z Ultra with android custom ROMS and Ubuntu Touch.

About Ubuntu I’m still porting but without success in the kernel boot.img, based on the config file.

I was porting as an attempt Tizen OS from Linux Foundation with Samsung Ltd for a device called Samsung bada OS Wave devices, not possible to port because the inner SoC chip and too low memory ram.

I was porting too Firefox OS for Archos gen9 with the community and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I’m keeping  these two ports.

Now after bought a Asus z380c intel atom x3 I’m trying  to flash chromiumos for the device. I built the image successful. Not yet tested. I’ll report in twitter.


Wattpad – Last ongoing

Hi there everyone.

I’m here to post the last two ongoing stories and poetry at wattpad.

See you soon…

Olá a todos,

Estou a postar as duas últimas estórias e poesia a decorrer no wattpad.

Vejo-vos em breve.



1) http://www.wattpad.com/story/9582563-al%C3%A9m-das-palavras-livro-1

2) http://www.wattpad.com/story/9610832-shadowspawn-madame-x

Coming soon

Hi there all!

It’s coming soon… The connection of Ekron short-stories and too many to come.

Will stay here the religion inside the Ekron world and Ekron Knights religion and creed.

Stay here forever my King!

This site wil be the sight into You my THY Master.