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The heaven’s war came from the skies in 1200, past the times, through the Age Times, a war came by the God’s speakers. To indulge the Saint’s chorus around the Holy Sands. These wars came and started by the Shadows Within, Hell’s Gate Keeper, when they came to Earth to spread desieses.

But the effort of Templars and Order of Malta to rid off Hell’s Gate Keeper, the Holy War prevails in secret until now. Now, nowadays…

It’s up to you now, to get rid off the Gates Keeper of Earth.

Welcome to the Ekron Wastelands.

Overview of Ekron : Wastelands

Ekron : Wastelands is a customizable card game which from two up players engaged in the roles of Order of Malta, Templars, Nobles or Destiny Fair.

Each role for each player, chosen wisely in a battleground with centuries. Ekron the King , the Mandatory Men slaughter chose two orders to follow him in his quest, Templars and Order of Malta. The other two chosen orders are called shadows’ within. These centuries past through the time line and sand watch.

Nowadays, the two factions struggle for a kingdom, united by light or shadows by night forever.